the AM1 Synthesizer

The AM1 Synthesizer is a real-time, Midi-controlled, music synthesizer for the Macintosh platform. The AM1 uses up to 6 square or sine wave oscillators per voice and amplitude modulation to synthesize sound. This software was written by Anthony Kozar while he was a Master's student at the University of Toledo.

AM1 home page
AM1 project page on Sourceforge

The AM1 Synthesizer is free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation. The copyright is owned by the University of Toledo which has graciously consented to allow the software to be distributed under a "modified BSD-style" license.

The current version of the AM1 Synthesizer is version 0.50 beta. Downloads are available from the AM1 home page. The source code is available as a Macintosh disk image from the AM1 home page or as individual files from Sourceforge CVS.

This product includes software developed by Tim Kientzle and published in "The Programmer's Guide to Sound" by Addison-Wesley. Those portions of the software are copyright 1997 by Tim Kientzle and are subject to their own license contained in the Read Me file and the applicable source files. (This license is almost identical to the one I have used for the rest of the software but please be sure to read it!)

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